Mountain Cinema Club: Foreign Films & Select Films

Recommended Films:

Looking for some great films to watch in between our Film Series? Here is our list of favorites:

Children of Huang Shi (China)
Mongol (Kazakhstan, Mongolia)
The Band's Visit (Israel, Egypt)
Painted Veil (UK, China)
The Kite Runner (USA, Afghanistan)
After the Wedding (Denmark)
Black Book (Netherlands)
Vitus (Switzerland)
Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi (Israel)
Lives of Others (Germany)
The Italian (Russia)
Gloomy Sunday (Hungary, Germany)
Mrs. Henderson Presents (UK)
Monsieur Ibrahim (France)
Merchant of Venice (Italy)
Motorcycle Diaries (Argentina)
Walk on Water (Israel)
In America (Ireland, UK)
Shower (China)
Twilight Sumarai (Japan)
I'm Not Scared (Italy)
Together (China)
Cuckoo (Finland)
Dirty Pretty Things (UK)
The Station Agent (US)
Man Without a Past (Finland)
Rabbit Proof Fence (Australia)
Bread and Tulips (Italy)
With a Friend Like Harry (France)
Children of Heaven (Iran )
What's Cooking? (US)
King of Masks (China)
Color of Paradise (Iran)
Run, Lola, Run (Germany)
Afterlife (Japan)
The Dinner Game (France)
Central Station (Brazil)

Spring 2017 SERIES -5 films
Showtimes: 2:30pm & 5:30pm
at The Blue Jay Cinema
All 5 films for: Matinee: $35 / Evening: $35
Printable pdf flyer

April 19
- A Man Called Ove (Sweden comedy, drama) Ove, an ill-tempered widower who spends his days enforcing association rules, visiting his wife's grave, An unlikely friendship develops with new boisterous neighbors. Most successful Swedish movie in 32 years. Finalist for foreign film Oscar this year. 1h 55min. PG13. In Swedish with Eng subtitles.
May 3
- Song of Sparrows (Iran drama) A broken hearing aid and a wayward bird became catalysts for a career change and sudden prosperity, as well as an ethical and spiritual quandary. 1h 38m. PG. In Farsi with Eng/subtitles.
May 17
- Truman (Argentina comedy, drama). Julian receives an unexpected visit from his friend, Tomas, from Canada. The two men, along with Truman, Julian's faithful dog, will share many surprising moments. Many European, So Am awards. 1h 48min NR. In Spanish w/Eng subtitles.
May 31
- The Eagle Huntress (Kazakh adventure, family, documentary) This spellbinding film follows a 13 year old nomadic Mongolian girl who is fighting to become the first female eagle huntress in 12 generations of her Kazakh family. Breath-taking aerial cinematography, intimate genuine footage. 1h 27m. G. In Kazakh w/Eng subtitles.
June 7
- Frantz ( Germany, France drama, history) In the aftermath of WWI a young German woman grieves the death of her fiance in France. Living with her fiance's parents in Germany she sees a mysterious Frenchman who visits her fiance's grave to lay flowers. The mystery of the stranger deepens just as she begins to trust him. 1h 53 min. PG13. In German, French w/Eng subtitles

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